Chiara was born in Rome, Italy, where she started dancing at the age of 6, learning classical and modern dance. At the age of 13 is when she started dancing Afro Cuban folklor and  Cuban Salsa.
Over the years, Chiara has continued to deepen her studies with masters such as Kirenia Cantin, Maykel Fonts, Lieb J, Teresa Castaneda, Vanessa Lacedonia, Tania Cannarsa , Adolfo Indacochea Leonardo Martinez Moya, Sergio Larrinaga, Franklin Diaz .  From 2013-2016, Chiara won several of Italy’s State Championships in Salsa and Bachata.
In 2017, she moved to Milan to study to one of the best italian salsa academies : Sosa Academy Dance School. Later,
she became a dancer in two important companies : Latin
Soul Dancers by Adolfo Indacochea and Black
Soul by Tania Cannarsa . Chiara moved to New York City to continue learning and honing her craft from the many established and illustrious Salsa Dance Companies that New York has to offer.She is working with her body movement class teaching in one of the most important salsa schools in NYC: Adelante Studios and has started her first personal dance project : Chiara Tofani’s Team.
Chiara spent the 2020 in Italy, working online and training her Chiara Tofani world team, a team of 60 girls from many part of the world. After the pandemic they will perform around the world!


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